Cycle I: Reference
Cycle II: Media
Cycle III: Interact

Here, you will find interviews with various members of the band.

- Marilyn Manson interviewed by Sarah Quelland from 'MatroActive Music'
Marilyn Manson explains his point of view about religion and God. They also talk about how he was wrongfully accused for influencing the colombine killers. It is also ironic since the interview took place a day before the Denver performance at Ozzfest.

-Ginger gets inerviewed
Ginger Fish is interviewed about his drums and his experiences with other instruments. He also talks about experiences in recent concerts.

-Kerang Interviews Marilyn Manson, Febuary 2001
Manson is interviewed about the GGG tour and what his plans are after that.

-Fear the Antichrist Superstar
This interview takes place prior to the release of Antichrist Superstar. Manson discusses with Jayne about the new album and what it is really about. He also reveals what Sweet Dreams means to the band and how it fits so perfectly on the Smells Like Children EP.

-America's Most Wanted
Once again, Jayne Margetts interviews Marilyn Manson during the Antichrist Superstar era. They talk about subjects such as the name "Marilyn Manson" and his beleifs about the end of the world. Manson also talks about his once newly released Album Antichrist Superstar

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